Thursday, July 1, 2010

A wedding and western Kansas

We went to a wonderful wedding last weekend. One of the girls I babysat when I was young got hitched. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. Luckily, the rain held off and made things a little cooler by bringing in some cool breezes.

Here's Carrie and Tiaan saying their vows. It was a lovely ceremony and there is just something about having the prairie as your backdrop.

Of course Carrie's nephew was at the wedding and we all had to get a little Liam time. He really seemed to like hanging out with Mom. She kept him pretty happy and I think he kept her pretty happy too.

Of course Audrey couldn't say the same thing. She loves babies so much, but they have a tendency to cry for her whenever she holds them.

Crying babies really didn't hold Sugar Booger back. She had a good time at the wedding and tried to get into every picture I took.

Kevin had to be the "creepy" guy at the wedding. I just love when he makes our pictures look so loving and respectable.

Finally I was able to get him to be normal for a few photos. It was tough, but I won the battle.

I really don't try to dress Kevin and Miller alike, it just seems to happen. That's Miller's only dress shirt that still fits and well Kevin has like 4 green striped shirts. (Don't even get me started on all of the striped orange shirts. I've lost count.)

I just love this picture of the kids and Carrie. We had a wonderful time with her family at the wedding.

On our way out to Garden City we noticed a new lake had cropped up between Jetmore and GC. On the way back Kevin decided to check it out. Little did we know it was the opening weekend for Horse Thief Reservoir. It was beautiful and will eventually have camping sites. The kiddos thought it would be great to camp there. I told them this was a little far for us to camp at since we have 3 camping sites within an hour from us. Three and a half hours to go camping is just a little too far for me to travel.

I know people complain that Kansas is just a flat piece of land that you drive through to get from Kansas City to Colorado. Yet I don't think those people have ever really just looked at the beauty of Kansas. How wonderful to see as far as you can. I miss this landscape, we've too many trees in our part of Kansas. I guess in some ways I'm still a western Kansas girl.

How could I not be?

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