Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sock Update

Well I'm up to the toe on my Monkey Socks. I just have to finish the toe and I'll have one sock done. They are turning out pretty well. Though when I look at others Monkeys they seem to be tighter. I guess I am a loose knitter. My husband came home the other day and saw me knitting with 5 needles and thought that I had a small torture device in my hands. (If he only knew that ripping out stitches is torture.)

I've been looking for patterns for a messenger bag for Malorie. I think I found one, now I just have to finish these socks and find some money to buy the Lambs Pride Wool to felt. I wish yarn didn't cost so much. (I wish I would have picked up a hobby that isn't so pricey.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures of the Purple Shrug

Here's Audrey in her brand new shrug. She likes it. (At least for right now she does.) It was a fairly easy pattern. It just took forever for me to be motivated to finish it. Now I'm off on my Monkey socks and have the first one two-thirds done. I need to start looking for bag patterns. Malorie wants a new book bag for school and she wants me to knit it. That means if Malorie wants one, Audrey will too. I'll need to slip something in for DH between projects. He was watching me knit my socks and thought they looked interesting. Maybe I'll give in and make him a pair. Only if he doesn't complain about my knitting and everyone growing out of what I make.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Wicked Shrug is Finished!!!!!

The purple shrug is done!!! It's on my blocking table right now, so it will fit Audrey better. The picture is of the shrug before I sewed the seams. It was on it's first blocking and now I'm blocking it for Audrey to wear. Now I'm ready to start my monkey socks. If they turn out good, I'll give them to my sister. If they are crappy they will become mine.