Friday, January 11, 2008

Audrey's fixation with purple continues

For about the last year and a half I have promised Audrey that I would paint her room. Well, we finally got the paint on the day after Christmas. (DH had a Lowes gift card to spend.) We take her to the paint section, and she tells us she wants a purple room with red polka dots. Just so you know she has green carpet that is really ugly, so I wasn't so sure about purple with red dots on the wall. She was adamant that she have purple walls. She chose a color called Grapalicious. At least we talked her out of the red polka dots.
As you know from my blog I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so I just started painting today. My kid has color sense. I was still a little worried about the purple with the green carpet, but I painted the accent wall in the dressing room of her room. I was amazed how well it warmed up the room. It looks great. DH came in and was amazed on how just painting that one wall made such a difference to the room. I should have taken pictures of before and after, but hindsight is always 20/20. Her bedroom has two walls that are mostly windows, so I have decided to do her entire room in the purple. It's a bright room and can handle a strong color. When she gets home from school today she will be so psyched!
Now I just have to paint the bedroom, find fabric for curtains and duvet covers and sew those right up. What have I gotten myself into.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The first blog of the New Year

Okay I am trying to keep my resolution for the New Year. It maybe 6 days into the New Year, but at least I'm blogging! I finally got the kids to pose for their socks picture. It was an adventure trying to find all the socks. Miller and Malorie's were easy to find. I had washed them earlier so I knew where they were. Audrey's not so much. I had to search under her bed and did find it, but was so grossed out that I'm going to have to wash in Clorox tonight with all the germs under that bed. Plus I could only find one, that's why I just had the kids show a single sock.

This sock adventure started out as Audrey wanting a pair of socks. So I decided to make a pair for her. Well my math isn't the greatest and I messed up on the math formula for the Universal Toe-Up pattern. So that pair became Miller's, then I did another pair in a really cute pink and purple, but again I was off on my math. That became Audrey's friend Maceyn's pair. Then I did Malorie's and finally I did Audrey's. I can definitely tell how much more comfortable I became with the pattern by the time I got to my last pair.

I'm still working on my sister's scarf. Slowly but surely I'll get it done!