Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Summ...Summ...Summer.... Summertime." - The Fresh Prince

Our summer is off and running. We're at the ball fields 3 days a week with Thursdays giving us a doubleheader. Both Audrey and Miller are playing and having a great time.

We went and saw Caitlin and her uber cute son Liam. He's one of the babies that I made booties for. Here's a picture of the kids and Liam.

It was so wonderful to see such a beautiful, but BIG baby. He made Miller as a baby look small.

Before school ended Malorie had her Night of the Stars and she looked beautiful. This was her Easter dress, but it did a great job for occasion. It took all of the curlers and bending rods to get the curl in her hair. Unfortunately it was raining that evening, so it was really hard for the curls to stay in.

We celebrated Father's Day a little early this summer with the Miller clan. It was a good time, with good food and kids swimming the afternoon away.

There will be more pictures to come as we go along this summer.

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Shawn said...

You are in heaven with a girl playing softball! Have a great week.