Sunday, May 2, 2010

Booties, Soccer and the 1940's... What A Post!

I have 2 friends who are getting ready to have baby boys in the next week and a half. Finding baby boy stuff to knit isn't always easy. Sometimes it gets down right hard. Either it takes way too long to make or it's way to fussy for any respectable mother of a boy to use. Well, I found the boy booties pattern that every baby boy I knit for will now receive.

Forget the baby kimono, the baby bib and never ever do the baby blanket. This is what all the fashionable baby boys are wearing now.

Super Cute Baby Chuck Taylors.

Could anything be cuter and so very little boy but these? I wish I was knitting when I was prego with Miller. He definitely would have had a pair. It even has you make shoe laces. The pattern calls for you to make a felt star patch to go on the top. Yet Kevin in his ever so wise knitting advice suggested that I "just use some white yarn to make the star." It worked. I guess I'll keep him for a little while longer.

The mommies-to-be loved the pair they received. I can't wait to see their little boys in them. Now if I could only come up with a pair of wrestling shoe booties I would be in business. Here's the link to the pattern.

Our April was filled with soccer, soccer and a lot more soccer. Yet Miller loved it and the girls didn't seem to mind going to his games. I must say his 3v3 league was a lot more fun to watch than his rec league "mob ball". His 3v3 team won the league tournament. These little guys are super cute and are so excited still about the medal they received for winning.

Yet again too cute!

I can't leave the girls out of this post. One of the schools in town just was place on the National Historical Registry. To celebrate this, the school had a birthday party celebrating the 68th year of the school. During this party they had kids dressed in 40's attire. Well, the girls were asked to dress up and here they are.

1940's cute. Though, Mal wasn't too happy about getting her picture taken. Ha Ha Ha, I won that battle. 

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