Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Started!!

School started 3 weeks ago. You would think that I might update my blog a little sooner. What can I say it's been a busy 3 weeks. Especially when I've subbed at least twice a week. I have been getting a little knitting done. I'm working on a cropped striped sweater for Mal. Hopefully she'll like it, if not I know Audrey will wear it.

Here's the mandatory 1st day of school picture. I had to threaten Mal with taking away her phone if she didn't smile.

It's amazing what a threat can make a teenager do. We couldn't take the picture outside because of rain. What kind of first day of school starts out with rain? I'm sure the teachers were wishing for some sun to get the kids out for recess. It eventually brightened up and they were able to go out to second recess.

Our fall will be a little busy this year. Mal is in Cross Country again and has really upped her schedule for babysitting (It's about time she started earning money.). Audrey is playing volleyball, taking piano lessons, and playing in the church bell choir. Miller is playing flag football and just being his regular active self. Plus the nephews are playing football so there goes our Friday nights. (We love watching them play though.)

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