Thursday, July 17, 2008

Messenger Bag

I've finished Audrey's messenger bag. I was a little worried that it would be too small, but I was able to fit Kevin's old lap top in it and close it with buttons. So that means it will work for school. Kevin even liked it, which surprised me since he could usually care less about what I knit. It took about 15 T-shirts, 2 buttons and almost 3 weeks to do, but here it is.....

Notice Audrey's sophisticated model stance. She's so into fashion and art that it scares me sometimes. The bag is a little long on the strap, but in her optimism Audrey said it was perfect. And of course little brother has to get into the picture too. Audrey was a little irritated that Miller was in the shot, so I had to upload it. (Being the one who controls the blog is soooo powerful.)
I'm still working on baby items and will try to find another prayer shawl pattern to make for Shawn's rabbi. Tomorrow I go to pick up Malorie from summer camp, so I won't get much knitting done. It's a 4 hour drive there and back.

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