Monday, June 16, 2008

Rambling About Lots of Nothing

Last week was kind of a difficult week. Our computer went down on Sunday and didn't get back up until yesterday. So it's been tough to check out the blog. I was afraid that Kevin was going to pitch fits because of the computer, but he was very calm about the whole thing. It seems as though he has to check the train boards every hour to make sure he isn't going to be called to work any time soon. Fortunately the Geek Squad was able to save all our pix that were on the hard drive before the Dell Tech Guys had me wipe out the hard drive. I definitely plan on buying a memory stick to back up the computer now!
Meriam ended up having a little boy, Tiger Zevyn Wallace Thompson was born on Tuesday, June 10. He is so cute and has so much black hair. (Meriam says it was the same with Hogan and Jadyn. Now neither of them have black hair.)
I still haven't started working on Audrey's bag yet. I need to get T-shirts and start cutting them into 1 inch strips. Once that is done I'll start knotting the strips together and then I can knit them.
Kevin and I leave for Colorado on Thursday. I am sure I'll figure out something to knit while we are in the car. I actually like to knit in the car. It gives me something to do while I'm singing to the radio and Kevin' driving. Kevin always complains that I never pay attention to him while I read in the car, so knitting at least gives me something while I listen to him and his wonderful sports talk radio.

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