Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I need to start something, but what?????

I really haven't started any knitting, since finishing the Wisp. I made some slippers for Miller, but those really don't count. It took me 2 days to do and each day I knitted only a mere hour or hour and a half. I did learn how to do the Magic Cast-On. What a wonderful way to do a toe up sock. Literally, one of the easiest cast ons I've ever tried!
I want to knit The Skinny Scarf, but casting on 400 stitches is daunting. I need to buckle down and get something on the needles, or I'll start snacking again at night, something I really don't want to do!
On the Malorie's backpack front, she has gotten a ton of complements on it at school. She really does like it. I guess Audrey will be asking for one soon. I really don't want to knit that pattern again. The funny thing is that I found a drawstring backpack pattern just this week and I wasn't even looking for one. It took me forever to find something for what a knitted Malorie and even then I had to adjust it. Just my luck!

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